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Knitwear Inspiration To Kick Start Your Next Project

Do you want to start a new knitting project but are stuck for ideas? Worry no longer, your Sew Confident pals are here to provide you with some top quality knitwear inspiration. Scroll through this post and check out the knitwear pieces that we are dribbling over in the studio this week.

If you are unsure where to start though, why not join us on one of our knitting classes? Check out the full programme of knitting classes we have on here.


This simple and clean cut sleeveless vest could be a great versatile piece to add to your knitwear collection. Either wear it as is on a hot day or layer it on top of a tee or shirt for a different look.

La Fetiche

These hand-knitted striped pants are made in Glasgow and we are in LOVE. These EDIEs pants have chunky rib details and are serving us modern victorian beachwear vibes. Have you tried knitting stripes before?

The Knotty Ones 

This statement patchwork jumper from The Knotty One is what our knitting dreams are made of: amazing materials and an interesting design. We love the way they have sectioned the jumper by using different stitches. But not only are we obsessed with this jumper because of its aesthetic merit but also because of The Knotty Ones’ commitment to provide stable jobs, fair wages and financial independence to stay-at-home mothers in Lithuania.

Margaret Howell

The way these pockets kiss the hem of this Margaret Howell vest is definitely unique and we can’t get enough.

The Knitter

This jumper is titled “ugly jumper”. But we assume that must be sarcastic because there is nothing ugly about this knitwear piece! Knitted using a dramatic bubble stitch, this jumper showcases the incredible texture that this unusual stitch can create. Have you ever tried knitting with bubble stitch before?
Have you seen a more beautiful example of a the trendy duplicate stitch? Not just a gorgeous design, but we also can’t get enough of the soft and delicate colour palette of this jumper.

Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent’s work is often a source of knitwear inspiration for us at Sew Confident. These minimal and modern pieces are never driven by seasonal fads but due to the timeless nature of the work she makes, these pieces are always incredibly on trend. Ogle over the consciously sourced materials they work with, and get lost in the vibrant colours used in their work.

Hope Macaulay

These mix-matched cardies seem like a great way to use up those pesky left over balls of yarn from a project you over bought for. Try matching up the left over wool in your stash into colours waves which compliment each other. Then block out your knitting patter and visualise where each colour will go. To ensure you don’t confuse yourself give each colour a letter, and note down in the pattern what colour you need to be using at that part. Go crazy and get creative with it.

Fancy learning to knit for yourself? Remember to check out our upcoming knitting and arm knitting classes across our studios!

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