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4 Ways to Create Your Own Laptop Sleeve for College/Uni

Do you tend to look for unique school/college supplies that none of your classmates will have? Well, look no further than right here – where we’ll show you how to create your own laptop sleeve!

We’ll be sharing different ideas and tutorials for various styles of laptop bags, covers and sleeves. A sewing machine may be required for a lot of these tutorials. If you don’t have your own sewing machine, or are stuck on where to get a good quality one from, visit our website to have a swatch at what ones we offer!

Laptop Sleeve
Vibrant laptop sleeve

Meredith, from Olivia Jane Handcrafted, creates this beautiful laptop sleeve using two bright, eye-catching patterns. This tutorial includes in-depth instructions, and a materials list, so that you can work on it whenever you please. You also have free rein of which fabrics and/or patterns you choose. You can find a variety of fabrics to choose from on our website!

While Meredith doesn’t include a magnet or strap for security and closure, you are welcome to add this to your own creation. Use your imagination and creativity to turn this laptop sleeve into your own, unique creation.

Laptop Bag
Laptop bag

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require additional bags, then you can base your design around this laptop bag pattern from Crazy Little Projects. Amber also mentions that if you don’t have a laptop, this bag can be used as a book bag too! The choice is yours!

Amber provides a list for materials within her tutorial, and her instructions are easy to follow. If this pattern proves to be too complicated for you, her Laptop Sleeve tutorial is less time consuming and less complex.

The bag’s main pouch features a zip to keep your laptop secure. As well as a strap that is long enough to be used as a shoulder strap for easy mobility.

Envelope Laptop Case
Envelope laptop case with belt

This envelope laptop case, from es.kaa makes, comes with a little something extra – a belt! The belt is an alternative to a magnet clasp or velcro. Selina includes a very detailed set of instructions that are easy to follow along with, the tutorial also includes a material list. There are also some drawings to help with making your template!

For the top handle, you use some excess from the belt used for the front clasp, so make sure not to throw your scraps away! As always the choice of fabric is entirely up to you however Selina uses a gorgeous mustard yellow with an abstract diamond pattern.

You will require a sewing machine with a leather needle should you choose to use a leather belt.

Faux Leather Laptop Case

If you’re looking for something different from your usual fabrics for laptop cases, then this is right up your street. Molly, from Almost Makes Perfect, has created this beautiful and minimalistic faux leather laptop case.

This tutorial is one of the easier ones to follow, and make, as a sewing machine is not required and can be sewn by hand. The faux leather has a soft lining which will prevent your laptop from being scratched. The article includes a material list along with a set of easy-to-follow instructions.

This is a very quick, inexpensive and easy sewing tutorial. Perfect for someone new to the activity or who is inexperienced in working with sewing machines.

Be sure to visit our website for any fabric, or sewing supplies you need for these projects!

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