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Knitting & Crochet Classes

Knitting & Crochet Classes

Knitting and crochet is the ultimate cosy hobby, for nights in front of the telly, or even better, a roaring fire! Give your brain a break from technology and get absorbed in this zen-inducing craft!

Upcoming Glasgow Classes


Our knitting and crochet classes in Glasgow are perfect for those of us looking for something a bit different to help de-stress. There is so much going on in our busy lives now, that it’s almost impossible to catch a break. Even when we’re sleeping we can be dreaming of the stresses of daily life. If you want to effortlessly give your poor brain a break come along to one of our Knitting or Crochet Class and try it out for yourself!

T-shirt Yarn Pot Crochet for Beginner’s – Another great class for beginners but with a cool eco twist! You’ll learn how to make your own yarn from and old T-shirt and crochet it into something beautiful and use-able! Just bring a T-shirt you want to cut up and re-use and we provide the rest!

Knitting for Beginner’s – This 2.5 hour class will teach you all the basics of knitting. That’s casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, basic cable and of course casting off again! You’ll use all these stitches to make a super cosy knitted headband! This class includes all materials so all you have to do is bring yourself!

Top 3 Knitting and Crochet Class FAQs

They are similar in that they both use yarn and at least one stick but other than that they are quite different. Knitting involves a bit more counting and keeping track which is great if you are a details person whereas crochet you CAN in theory get away with a bit more of a freestyle approach which is great if you’re not so much of a details person! They’re both fab though, and once you’ve tried one, you’ll probably want to try the other one anyway!

Our beginner’s crochet classes follow a simple pattern so we can keep everyone on the same page and to encourage the social side of the class and peer learning. By all means bring it along and if the class is quiet you can ask our tutor but we can’t guarantee you’ll get help with it. You can however book a private session with our Beth if you wanted to! Just drop us an email

Of course you can! We can let you know what kind of yarn you need for the class and suggest where you shop too.

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