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Machine Doodles Classes

Machine Doodles Classes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to draw with your sewing machine? In our Machine Doodles Class you will create a beautiful piece of textile art that can be hooped up and displayed, or made into something special!

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Technically called “freemotion embroidery” we prefer to call it machine doodles, because that’s exactly what you’re doing!

It’s a brilliant creative technique that will see you AMAZED at your inner artistic talent! You can draw pictures, add scraps of fabric to make textile art or simple use threads to make abstract art. The only sure thing is you’ll be amazed at how good you are at it!

In this class we’ll tech you how to set up the machine, what tools are required and all the tips and tricks of the trade! This class includes everything you need but if you have any ideas of what you’d like to draw or any fabric scraps you’d like to incorporate please bring them with you!

Machine Doodles is a Level 2 class which means a bit of prior experience is necessary. If you have been to our beginner’s sewing class or have a few projects under your belt already you will be perfect for this. If you are in any doubt just get in touch and we can help!

Top 3 Machine Doodles Sewing Class FAQs

I’m afraid this class requires you to have a tiny bit of prior sewing knowledge as we don’t go over threading the machine etc. If you’re dying to try our Machine Doodles sewing class but you don’t want to do our beginners class we can organise a private session to get you up to speed prior to the class. Just drop us an email!

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring any kind of inspiration with you to class. If you don’t have any that’s totally fine too, that’s what we are here for.

Yes, we have everything you need, to keep working away at home, you can let us now in advance or pick up extra materials and equipment in class.

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