6″ Embroidery Hoop | 100% Bamboo | Trimits


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Detailed description

This Embroidery hoop by Trimits will have you obsessed with Needlepoint & Embroidery in no time! Use this hoop for all your cross stitching & needlepoint projects as it is so easy to use and transport!  This hoop will keep your designs secured in place as it is 100% bamboo! How to use: Place the fabric inside the hoops and secure into place with the screw fastening. Super easy to use and handy to store away!

  • Size: 15.24cm (6 inches)
  • Secures embroidery in place as you sew
  • Makes sewing much simpler and more practical for all sewing levels!
  • Perfect for achieving the correct tension on cross stitch and embroidery work