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Sew Macho

Calling all Modern Men!

Isn’t it about time you take control of your own wardrobe woes? 

Stop bothering your Nan and start taking control. It’s time to change your Earnest Hemmings Ways (sorry!) and fix and alter your own clothes just like Patrick Grant, the most suave man in the sewing industry…

Come along to a 3 hour sewing session and you will learn how to use a sewing machine, how to hem your trousers and how to patch holes in jeans. You will save yourself a small fortune with these skills and you could probably fleece all your pals and charge them to take up theirs aswell.

Sewing has become a totally female orientated hobby, and it shouldn’t be! Most of the worlds top designers and tailors are men so why shouldn’t you learn and utilise this skill. We all wear clothes so we should all have a go at altering, fixing and making them!


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