27 September

Here at Sew Confident HQ September has been all about sewing in movies! We’ve spotted quilts in films and copied clueless cords and now i’m going to totally divulge one of my sewing dreams! I shifted through all my favourite films for dream outfits and amazing accessories, took a very long time obsessing over legally blonde and came back to what i think is the ultimate film costume! That.Green.Dress!

Atonement was never a favourite film but there’s just something so special about Kiera Knightley’s perfectly draped 30’s style green dress. How to describe that perfect green? It’s not quite apple green, not quite emerald, dark yet light . . . perfect!

We love the idea of recreating film costumes so here’s how i’d recreate the perfect green dress!

I started with the fabric as it seemed to be the most important part of the dress and found this dreeeeaamy green silk from beckford silk, it was the perfect mix of dark and light!

For a matching pattern i delved into Mccalls vintage style patterns and found the pattern 7867 which despite not being perfect, had that gorgeous bias drape that would show off the silk perfectly!

This is a dream sewing project of mine! What’s your dream sewing project?

Here’s some more movie inspo! It would be amazing to see one of these at one of our Sewing Pattern classes! Who’s ready for the challenge?

Lots of LOVEEEE,
SC Rosey x