CCC Jenny

Welcome to the home of CCC

Hello, I’m Jenny, founder and tutor of the Confident Capsule Collection®.

CCC is now in its 5th season with our 6th just around the corner. If you’re new to learning about CCC, I’m here to explain the course, what you can expect, what you will achieve, and how you can get yourself signed up to our CCC24 waiting list to find out more.

What You Can Expect

CCC is our Confident Capsule Collection, a 12 week LIVE online course where I teach you how to create a capsule wardrobe one garment at a time.

Each season I select seven garments and one accessory for you to create. In past seasons CCC members have made everything from Jeans, Coats and Dresses to Sweatshirts, jumpers and shirts!

The aim with CCC is to get you working on garments and techniques you wouldn’t necessarily be confident working on by yourself whilst giving you a solid reason to carve out dedicated and unapologetic me-time in your week. It’s a mixture of self care, skill building and confidence boosting that often filters out into other parts of your life.

I absolutely LOVE seeing members find their confidence and improve over the 12 weeks. If I can promise one thing from completing CCC, it's that you’ll be walking away a more confident version of yourself both in the sewing room and out!