15 October

I for one am sick to the back teeth of hearing about Brexit. Whatever side of the fence you sit on I think we can all agree it feels like we’re stuck in a nightmarish groundhog day full of uncertainty and scaremongering(but sometimes genuine fear too). Always one to look on the bright side I have put together this handy Brexit Busting guide to surviving Brexit!

1. What the news says: Food shortages! We won’t be able to import anything every again!

Sew Confident Solution: We have enough Tunnocks caramel wafers to keep everyone going, all the way from sunny Uddingston which I happen to drive through on my way to work… I will fill a suitcase and travel to all the franchise locations too. SORTED.

2. What the news says: Electricity prices may rise post Brexit!

Sew Confident Solution: We have been stockpiling multi plugs so you can come to class, and sew whilst charging your phone, laptop and cordless hoover. SORTED.

3. What the news says: You might need a visa to go on holiday!

Sew Confident Solution: You don’t need a visa to go to Stirling where our retreats are, we’ll turn the heating up, make some Pina Coladas and wheel in a palm tree so you’ll think you’re in Barcelona, all at no extra cost! SORTED.

4. What the news says: Imported good may become more expensive!

Sew Confident Solution: We think panic buying things pre-brexit is a bad idea…except when it comes to sewing machines (BUY BUY BUY!), which are imported but don’t worry we’ll give you a wee discount if you drop us a message 😉 SORTED!

5. What the news says: The economy might implode

Sew Confident Solution: If everything goes wrong and we go back to a money-free time of bartering we’ve got your covered! We’ll teach you skills that will be so sought after post economy-combustion that you’ll be better off than you are now. Because those influencers still want togs, and we’ve got the skills to keep the millennials wardrobes stocked, and so will you!

Want to life a worry free pre and post Brexit life? Get yourself along to your nearest Sew Confident and find your creative, stress busting, super social outlet here www.sewconfident.co.uk!