23 December

Sew Confident Dundee owner, Sandra, here! I started off 2020 full of ideas and plans for great projects for the Studio yet like many of us, zero idea of just what this year would throw at everyone! You might expect a little bit of a downer of a post here but I’m going to try and see the positives here – it’s been a year of learning, adapting and figuring things out and that’s not a bad thing at all!

As lockdown hit, the panic set in – having to re-arrange classes to what seemed like a safe time….July, haha how we can all laugh at that opening date expectation now, but I can certainly say the Dundee customers and I’m sure the SC customers across the board were nothing but supportive, encouraging and just blooming lovely to which I will be eternally grateful!

Scrub bags were the first thing we set about making! The SC Dundee community really came together here with a drop off and collection point at the studio. I can safely say we made thousands of bags for the community and I had so many lovely messages from NHS and key workers who appreciated just how much effort everyone had put into making bags for them – so thank you all so very much – you are awesome!

So, where did we go from here? It was all about adapting and I guess expanding our retail offering. We made up embroidery kits, sold crafty kits and fabrics. Made mask kits and sold lining fabric to everyone who needed them! I know so many of you once again supported us in this venture and bought kits for family and friends and to keep you going, a great way to chill out and de-stress which has always been the aim of Sew Confident!
These kits came with a whole new learning curve for me – I can now film and edit short video tutorials and who knew I could actually watch some of them back without cringing (too much). Oh, yes and we learned we could teach online too!! For me nothing will ever beat the buzz of the studio, it was a bit of a lonely place during lockdown, but I was so surprised at how much fun it was teaching online! This is something set to continue to a certain extent going forwards!

The DIY came next, adapting our studios to be as COVID safe as possible, training the tutors, building screens, ordering paper towels, sanitisers and 16 tonnes of borders biscuits haha! Also, I’ve never cleaned so much in my life! I got to sew! Yes I had time to sew again which was great. I joined in with the SC Sewalongs, started on improving my dressmaking skills and made a lot of nice things off my own back. I bloody love sewing and if nothing else 2020 gave me the chance to spend some time on my fave hobby = happy me!

And then we were allowed to open again! Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say – well it was nothing short of wonderful having everyone back for classes. Yes, it’s different than before but the fact you all trust us and have come back is just the best feeling ever.
So 2020 was rubbish, there’s no denying that! But I feel I’m entering 2021 with a bit of a new lease of life, if I can survive being closed for 5/6 months, having received not a single penny from the government in help and still be happy and have my amazing tutors and you guys and gals, my fantastic customers around then it’s all good!! SC Dundee is most definitely still here while many businesses have not survived. 
I know I don’t speak just for myself but for every SC Studio when I say very single ‘like’, share, comment, review, booking, purchase has made us do a happy dance and helped us survive 2020 – we are so grateful for all your support and hope you will all stick around to see where 2021 takes us!