Beyond Beginner

13/08/2023 - Sunday

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Dressmaking: Buttonhole Masterclass



£ 55.00

This class is a must for anyone wanting to level up their sewing skills and lose their fear of sewing buttonholes!

We will cover

  • Making a false button placket to practice on
  • Measuring button spacing and best positioning
  • Using the one step buttonhole foot to create 3 different button holes
  • How to open up your buttonholes safely
  • Sewing buttons on using the sewing machine
  • How to attach a jeans stud button

Our tutor will be on hand to answer all of your button related questions and you will get a chance to try each of these techniques.

What to bring:

Pleas bring a basic sewing kit with you(scissors, pin, unpick etc). Everything else is included for you in this class.

This class is not for absolute beginners but if you have been to our beginners class or have a few sewing projects under your belt you can come along. Get in touch if you’re unsure if this class is suitable for you.

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We provide fabric to make fake button stands so you can practise on a piece that doesn't matter rather than a garment. We won't have time to do it on a real garment.

Yes you can as long as it's in full working order and you have the manual. We might ask you to jump onto our machines to do the buttonhole(as the setup can be different with every machine) and we cant guarantee that we will have time to show you how to do it your particular machine but once you learn how to do it on ours, yours will make more sense.

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