09/06/2024 - Sunday

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Intermediate Overlocker Class



£ 80.00


You have been asking us for a more advanced overlocker class for some time, well your wish is our command(eventually!).

In this class we will be showing you what these overlockers can really do. Way beyond just your basic 4 Thread overlocking we will be using 3 and 2 thread stitches, removing needles, fiddling with every dial on there and putting these beauties through their paces! We have recently reworked this class as a result of feedback from the first 2 classes and have invested in a brood of new overlockers too.

During this class, we will be using our fabulous Janome 6234XL overlockers, but you will also see some of our Air Threading machines.

You will learn:

  • How to Gather using the overlocker
  • What Differential Feed is and when to use it
  • 3 Thread Overlocking
  • How to do a Rolled Hem
  • How to do a 2-Thread Flatlock

This class is not for those who don’t already know how to use and thread an overlocker as we will not be teaching the basics of threading. Rather it is more suited to those who have never really used their machine for anything other than basic 4 thread overlocking and want to get the most from the overlocker.

What to bring:

  • *You can bring your own machine, manual and all accessories if you wish but we have machine sin the studio for everyone anyway.
  • Basic sewing kit(scissors, unpick, pins etc)


*This class uses our Janome 6234XL overlockers and we will be showing you an air threading overlocker too. You can bring your own overlocker to this class but time restraints mean we won’t be able to individually go through your manual with you to figure out how to do the specific stitches on your machine. However most overlockers thread in similar ways so it’s very likely it will be the same as our machines anyway. Not all overlockers have the functionality we will be showing you in this class. Please do not bring Singer or Necchi models that have been purchased from the supermarket as they do not have the necessary functionality for this class.

We will be basing the lesson on our in store overlockers however if you do want to bring your own you are welcome to. Not all machines have the capability to do all the stitches we will be showing you so we may revert back to our machines in class. We don't allow Singer or Necchi machines that have been bought in the supermarket in this class as they do not have the functionality needed.

We don't make anything in this class but fabric scraps will be provided for you to test out all the new stitches. We will also be chatting through where you would use or need these stitches so you can incorporate them into you sewing projects at home!

If you have never used an overlocker before we would recommend you come to the Overlocker for Beginners class first as this shows you how to thread and use the overlocker to create a garment. We do not go over the basic features of the overlocker in the Intermediate class.

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