06/08/2024 - Tuesday

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Quilting & Patchwork: English Paper Piecing



£ 55.00

English Paper Piecing is a method of patchwork where fabric is wrapped around shapes made of thin paper or cardboard.  Once the shapes are covered in fabric we will then hand stitch them together to form a design.

Our quilting tutor Sandra will take you through the whole process and share all her hints and tips to produce a beautiful design that can be used as part of a quilt or as a decoration on another me made item.  This is a lovely, mindful project that you don’t need any prior sewing experience to be able to participate in.

All materials are provided for this class but if you have any small pieces of fabric that you would like to use up then please feel free to bring them along.

I'm afraid you need a bit of sewing experience first. If you jump on our Beginners Sewing Class it will give you the skills and confidence you need to join this class, and all our other classes!

Ideally you want a quilting cotton but any weight of 100% cotton should also work. Quilting cotton is a nice medium weight making it nice to work with and giving a uniform look for your finished item because it is all the same weight. We can help you choose fabric if you are no sure just get in touch

This class is a great intro into the world of patchwork quilt patterns and will certainly make it easier for you to give other patterns a go. You'll learn techniques and terminology that will stand you in great stead moving forward!

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