12 February

With it being New York Fashion Week, have you ever wondered how easy it actually is to make your own, ‘cat walk ready’ clothes. One of my favorite pieces from this years cat walk so far is a simple but effective skirt, from the Mint Moda Collection.

Although such a simple piece of clothing, a skirt is able to turn your body shape into something completely different. Hugging in at the waist and flowing down the body, is the skirt style that ‘Mint Moda’ went for at New York Fashion Week 2019. A simple design, yet with the colors they used, they have brightened up the cat walk.

Feel like giving it a go yourself, here are some patterns you may want to use. And you can make you very own cat walk ready skirt.

Feel like you may need some extra help or feel like you want to take your knowledge further, why not come along to one of our pattern classes. for more information on these classes please feel free to contact us .

Signing off Kirsty