Mimiquins Scanning Sesh

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Mimiquins are a fabulous innovative UK based company who create the most beautiful completely bespoke mannequins based on your actual body measurements! This is the future of dressforms. No more trying to pad up mannequins to look like you, no more frustrating proportion issues(seriously no one is the same size/shape/dimensions as a shop bought dressform), and no more trying to fit a garment to yourself in the mirror…you can on it on your Mimiquin instead!

In order for you to start the Mimiquin process you need to be scanned so they have a digital outline of your shape. You can see this come to life during the scan – Jenny looked like she was straight from ‘The Sims’ when she got hers! Then the Mimiquins team will go away and work on your scan, smooth out indents created by bras and clothing and make any changes that need to be made based on your sewing preferences(these will be discussed during your session).

You’ll then be sent the scan to review, and you can discuss any tweaks you would like with the team. Once the final scan has been approved a deposit is taken to put your bespoke mimiquin into production. Once your Mimiquins has been created the final payment is due before delivery and your very own Mimiquins will be couriered to you!

The cost of the full size mimiquin is £1250 but the scan and information session is free of charge. Sew Confident is the only place in Scotland where you can get your 3D scan. We Sew Confident team absolutely love this product – Jenny has one and described it as a game changer for hobby dressmakers. It’s the ultimate selfish sewing gift – and you’re know we are ALL about the selfish sewing!

If you want to book into our next Scanning Sesh you can do so on this page. See you soon!

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