Cover Stitch | Babylock


Detailed description

The Cover Stitch machine by Baby Lock is the perfect machine for top-stitching top quality seams on areas such as the neckline or sleeves of jersey clothes like stretchy tops! The thread tension can be adapted as needed for every sewing project and the different coloured tension dials makes matching the tension to individual threads easy peasy. The feed dog is automatically lowered when the presser foot is in a raised position - making removing and placing fabric a lot easier. Who is it good for? This machine is great for those who work with jersey/stretch fabric and are looking to improve the finished look of their garments with some professional stitching. With Baby Lock's amazing Jet-Air Threading technology, beginners can easily set up the machine and get sewing straight away! Who is it not good for? This machine is not ideal for sew-ers more focused on quilting and/or homewares, or who don't have an interest in dressmaking as the machine specialises in top-stitching and chain stitching for stretchy fabrics.

  • Unique, compact tubular looper system
  • Jet-air threading system
  • Separate looper thread and needle thread tension dials
  • Adjustable stitch dial
  • Differential feed
  • Drop feed system
  • Built-in accessory compartment
Interest free credit is available on this machine via Babylock Uk! Just head here for details!