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Detailed description


The Gloria Coverlock machine by Baby Lock features the fully automated jet-air threading system, RevolutionAir™. This means that threading your machine is an absolute dream, not only does it thread the loopers but also threads the needles eyes with just one push of a button! The machine will not sew if the presser foot is in the raised position for extra safety, and the automatic thread delivery system means that you don't need to play about with thread tension. The Gloria provides up to 8 threads and features a variety of decorative effects and stitch combinations such as the popular baby lock wave stitch.

Who is it good for?

The Gloria Coverlock machine is perfect for advanced dressmakers looking to make their sewing process easier and less time consuming. It produces both overlock and cover stitches, as well as the Baby Lock wave stitch. Easily switch between the two styles of stitches with the reduced number of steps needed to change the needles.

Who is it not good for?

Although this machine is an absolute dream, it would not be well suited to quilters or sew-ers not interested in dressmaking as many of it's features are dressmaking focused.

  • RevolutionAir™ threading system threads loopers and needle eyes, can thread automatically in any order
  • Presser foot lifter on the side for optimised workplace
  • Clearly designed thread path
  • Automatic presser foot stop
  • Presser foot pressure dial - can handle varied material/fabric types
  • Wider throat space
  • Unique, compact threading system
  • Auxiliary looper/converter easily activated for two-thread stitch
  • New eyelet thread guide
  • Automatic thread delivery system
  • Produces overlock and cover stitches and the Babylock wave stitch
  • Built-in accessory compartment

Interest free credit is available on this machine via Babylock Uk! Just head here for details!

Accessories compatible with Gloria


Accessories Package for combination machines
  • This baby lock accessories package contains a selection of five useful products from the large baby lock accessory range. Included are the popular pintuck and cording foot, double fold bias binder with guide rake, belt loop folder, single downturn feller and plain hemmer.
  • Adjustable tape guide
  • baby lock trolley bag
  • Bead / sequin foot
  • Belt loop folder
  • Blind hem foot
  • Cover stitch foot
  • Curving foot
  • Double fold bias binder
  • Double fold bias binder with guiding rake
  • Elastic foot
  • Extension table
  • Fabric guide
  • Feet set
  • Lace applicator foot
  • Lap seam folder
  • open toe foot with guide lines
  • Piping foot 3 mm
  • Piping foot 5 mm
  • Plain hemmer
  • Shirring foot
  • Single downturn feller
  • Single fold bias binder
  • Single fold bias binder with guiding rake
  • Sliding foot
  • Transparent Curve foot
  • Transparent presser foot
  • Trim bin