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Libby is a layout of dense, simplified daisies, drawn with a very fine outline.  Originally hand painted during the 1930's and printed at Liberty's Merton print works, this all over repeat pattens pays homage to the most quintessential Liberty floral style.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 136cm wide
  • 104 gsm

The Tana Lawn Cotton Collection is a staple of Liberty Fabric's constantly evolving array of fabrics. Each design breathes its own individuality, resulting in a vibrant and exciting range of printed fabrics, sparking a creativity to take into your own designs! The cotton fabric has been perfected into a fluid and durable product, that can be used to create anything from complex statement pieces, to more simple and clean-cut garments. Its properties as machine washable mean your creations can be worn over and over without showing signs of wear and tear.

All our prices are per half metre, if you order more than 1 unit (50cm) it will be sent in a continuous length.