Prym Turning Set


Simplify your sewing and crafting tasks with the Prym Turning Set, an essential tool for every sewing enthusiast. Designed to make turning fabric tubes and loops effortless, this set is perfect for creating straps, belts, loops, and other intricate fabric pieces. Whether you’re a professional seamstress or a hobbyist, the Prym Turning Set will streamline your projects and deliver flawless results.

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Detailed description

This practical set of turners is great for turning through your projects with ease. It contains 3 turners at different sizes. This can help with anything from rouleau loops and spaghetti straps to bag staps and tie belts.

Pack includes:

  • Size S for loops from 9.5 to 16mm.
  • Size M for loops from 19 to 25mm.
  • Size L for loops from 25mm.