23 January

1. We’ll preserve your dignity when you burst out of your trousers on a night out.

Whether it’s with a row of strategically placed safety pins or with our tiny sewing kit we carry about just in case, we have your back(or your arse – whichever seam bursts!)

2. We’re practical problem solvers – Can’t figure out that Billy Bookcase? Give us a shout!

Seriously, have you ever read a dressmaking pattern? We could crack codes for the government with these brains!

3. All your Halloween dream will come true.

Bacon and egg costume with 24 hours notice? No problem!

4. We’re so zen…just DONT TOUCH THAT OVERLOCKER!

Sewing actually puts the brain into a meditative state, but touch our overlocker/serger and we might not be responsible for our actions. See also: Cutting ANYTHING with our fabric scissors.

5. Hanging about with us is an education, or at least you think it is.

We make up so many terms you’ll be in awe of our vocabulary…even if most of them are made up. “Sewist”, “Reversey” and “Bumfle” anyone?

6. We make a MEAN cup of tea.

Sewing and tea go hand in hand so you can be sure you’ll be treated to several top quality Earl Greys! We’ve usually got some excellent biscuits to go with!

7. Our dexterity knows no bounds.

We’re so good with our hands we can untangle your entire jewellery box in front of an episode of Coronation Street.

8. We’re super positive!

We’ve had so many projects go terribly wrong and subsequently magically turned many a disaster into a usable item that we’ve had to learn to see the positive in every situation. When you are having a crap day we’re the perfect people to turn that frown upside down!

9. We’re eco friendly!

You don’t get much greener than an upcycling, clothes mending sewing guru and if you’re very nice we might even teach you some of our eco-skills! That’s one less thing on the conscience for you!

10. When the economy collapses and we go back to bartering, you’re going to want to learn our skills!

…pull up a pew or take a class in Glasgow with us!