16 February

Anyone who knows me will know it’s not often I’m speechless but after receiving this email from one of our lovely customers about her experience with the Crafty Zero to Sewing Hero Course, I found I couldn’t even find the right words to respond until the next day.

I know what we do here for most part is about, learning fun new skills and making new friends but every so often I am reminded that for some it’s much more than that. I have changed some of the details below for privacy reason but I have full permission to post this in the hope someone else can gain a bit of comfort in knowing they’re not alone. I can’t thank this person enough for sending this to me after I asked for testimonials from customers who had completed the class.

This email below has themes of depression and suicide, you might choose to not read any further. If you need to chat to someone about anything mentioned below please contact Samaritans on 116 123

I wanted to tell you my story, especially after being gifted the crafty zero course. There is a reason and I will get to that once you have heard it. If it helps someone else I’m all for it. I will get down to the nitty gritty but it’s about what I have learnt over these last couple of years. After my little boy was born 8 and a half weeks early 3 and a half years ago all of his tiny precious clothes inspired me to want to learn to sew because I wanted to turn these precious items into a keepsake but I almost needed it to be from my own hand. At this point I had never touched a sewing machine. My son was born in 2017 and we were lucky that he was a happy healthy boy. My husband decided on 2018 that he wanted to move to Cornwall ( back story to this is this is where I am from and I brought him to meet family and he fell in love with the place). So April 2018 we moved there, I was exceptionally lucky and jumped into a job straight away unfortunately it took my husband 4 and a half months to find work which took its toll. Things were going well then in May 2019 I found out I was pregnant with our beautiful little girl. Unfortunately , I was unaware, that depression had taken its hold on my husband, he hid it so well. We continued as normal but we never went anywhere, couldn’t make friends and there was a constant cloud over the house. Things took a turn for the worst 2 weeks before our daughter was born he had attempted the unimaginable. A year down the line after constant fighting for him and the children I was becoming exhausted. I knew I needed to do something for me. I bought a sewing machine and signed up to crafty zero to sewing hero! This has turned my head around I am making time for me. I have made friends which it seems like I haven’t made a friend in forever. I am being creative I am getting time for me which with everything going on is definitely needed but it has taken me over a year to do this. I have searched online called Samaritans myself on how and what I can do. The only advice out there for partners is make time for yourself so you don’t get ill too which is horrendous. There is no help at all really for helping you deal with this situation. Knowing what I know now if a person said to me ”my partner has depression” I would try and sit down be it coffee/ wine what ever they needed to give them room to rant and rave because that isn’t available anywhere really. But let me get back to what sewing with you and your community has done for me… I feel like me again I have been social I have been creative and I have taken the plunge which was an everyday occurrence for me previous to all of this. Sewing for me in lockdown has given me a new perspective about being there for me.  This is lengthy and unfortunately it’s depression from the other side, but truly this has been my life line which is stopping me from spiralling down a dark road … sewing and the Sew Confident has brought me light. And don’t forget happy mummy happy kids!
Sending you all much love!xxx

Whether you use sewing to make yourself nice things, or if it’s to help you cope and get a bit of escapism from your day to day life know you are welcome in our community. We are super friendly, and supportive regardless of your level. There is always someone kicking about our Facebook groups to chat away to and you will absolutely make new friends. 

We have free groups, and free challenges as well as classes online and classes in our studios. There is something for everyone. So if you’re feeling like you need a bit of company why not come and join us!

Look after yourselves and I will see you soon! ? 

Jenny x