11 November

All makers know the joys of having a sea of scraps on the floor after finishing a project. It can feel quite wasteful at times, especially when it’s a piece of fabric with a beautiful print on it. But fear not, as we have created a list of the BEST scrap busting projects so you can turn your scraps into something beautiful and even gift them to friends and family!

Paper/Fabric Weight

This is a great gift as a wee added extra or a stocking filler. Take your fabric scraps and make them into paper/fabric weights! You can make them in any shape or size, even make them themed for different seasons or for different purposes (paper, fabric, patterns etc).

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Hot Water Bottle Cosy

Who doesn’t love chilling on the couch with a cuppa and a hot water bottle during the winter? A quilted hot water bottle cosy is a wonderful me-made gift, and you can even make it more special by adding some personalisation with some hand or machine embroidery! If quilting/sewing isn’t your thing, you could knit or crochet a hot water bottle cover instead. There are some great free patterns online, or you can freestyle it!

Lip Gloss Pouch

We all know the struggles of digging through our bags and pockets searching for the tube of lip gloss that’s decided to play hide and seek. A lip gloss pouch is the perfect solution! This is a great project for using scrap fabrics, and since it’s such a small and quick project, you could easily whip up a few of these within one day!

Lip Gloss Pouch

Lavender Sachets

Did you ever wonder why your gran’s drawers always smelled so nice? It was the lovely scent of lavender sachets! You’re probably thinking these are as useful as a crocheted toilet paper cover, but think again. The calming scent of lavender in the morning as you get ready is a great way to start your day with a calm and relaxed mindset. If you make them in cute little bundles, you’re sure to make great use of those scrap fabrics!

Lavender sachets sewing

Scrapbusted Ilford Jacket

We remember how much you all absolutely love Jenny’s Ilford Jacket last year – it’s still one of our favourites! Take a look at this patchwork, colour-block inspired Ilford jacket by Helen’s Closet Patterns. No scrap is too big or too small to be utilised! If you don’t have large scale scraps, why no opt for a scrap patchwork design on the back? Try something new!

Scrappy Needle Book

A cute and inventive way to make use of your scrap pieces – no matter how big or small! Say ‘no more’ to accidentally pricking your finger when sifting through your sewing box with this adorable needle book. This would make a lovely gift for that creative, crafty person in your life. Not only is it a great gift idea but this project can also be a fab mini intro into the world of quilting. Check out our quilting classes for a helping hand on your quilting journey!

needle book

Fabric Corner Bookmark

These are such a fab quick and easy project that you can complete in under an hour! Prevent fabric waste AND the terrible crime of dog eared book pages together by making a corner bookmark using your favourite scrap pieces of fabric. Mix and match your scraps for a cute patchwork effect!

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Cute Coasters

Sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely the case for these stunning Liberty scrapbusting coasters! With such expensive and gorgeous fabrics, it would be a shame for any of the leftover pieces of a project to go to waste. Unleash your creativity and add some Liberty borders to your me-made coasters! A great gift for Christmas or as a home warming gift.

Scrapbusting coasters


If you’re looking for a cute, simple and sustainable project, this is it! Scrunchies are super quick and easy to make – you’ll be so obsessed by the end of it you’ll be gifting scrunchies to everyone (even your bald uncle!). Make a cute pack of scrunchies in different sizes and colour palettes.

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Hexi Hand Towel Upcycle

A simple yet effective use of scraps! Add some pizazz to those boring, generic hand towels – all you need is a sewing machine (or hand needle) and some scrap fabrics. You can mix and match different shapes and colours to make it even more unique for the recipient. You could even go one step further by adding some quilting techniques to your design, and add extra personalisation with some lovely hand embroidery!