18 December

Christmas time can be very stressful with buying gifts for everyone, making sure not to forget anyone. Doing your best to find a gift that is perfect for the person you’re buying for. It can be slightly more difficult finding an appropriate gift for crafty lovers. More so when you aren’t sure what kind of gifts are wanted or desired in the crafting world.

But don’t fret, that is where we come in! This blog post will discuss the top five gifts for crafty lovers, no matter the background. Whether they are a sewer, an embroiderer or just a very creative person, we’ll have something that will catch their eye!

1. Sewing Basket

Sewing Basket for crafty lovers

Sewers have lots of bits and bobs like threads and needles that can become scattered. Having a sewing basket allows them to keep all their haberdashery in one place.

This sewing basket comes with all purpose scissors, 10 assorted hand needles, 100 dressmaking pins, 10 mini spools of thread, needle threader, pin cushion, seam ripper, 60″ tape measure and, of course, a thimble. Making it a great gift for a beginner or someone who’s recently started out.

It also comes with a tray for organisation, with enough room underneath for sewing patterns, fat quarters etc.

2. Cutting Mat Set

Cutting mat fiskars for crafty lovers

If you know the pain and length of time it takes to cut out sewing patterns and fabrics, then you’ll know how beneficial it is to have a cutting mat AND a rotary cutter.

This set comes with a self-healing cutting mat, rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler to help you measure and cut with ease. A gift like this would be greatly appreciated for any sewer/quilter/crafter!

3. Macrame Kit

Macrame seems to be making a bit of a comeback in recent years.

This was a very popular craft during the 1970s, but did you know it was at its peak during Victorian times in England? Queen Mary even taught lessons to her ladies-in-waiting!

Macrame makes for a lovely pastime, especially during the colder months, and during times like the pandemic. It makes lovely wall decor for inside your home, or you can use macrame to make things like bags, plant hangers or bedspreads!

4. Sewing Machine

A little more on the expensive side of crafty items, but a sewing machine is by far one of the items that a sewer would absolutely love. You can bet on being the favourite with this gift this Christmas!

Even if someone isn’t a “sewer” per se, if they’re a crafty creative person it may be something of interest to them and could spark a new hobby!

5. Knitting Bucket Bag

Theres nothing worse than your wool becoming tangled, or catching crumbs from trailing on the floor.

With a Knitting Bucket Bag your wool will stay in perfect condition, with loads of storage space for your wool and knitting projects, pockets both inside and out for needles and crochet hooks.

It also comes with a drawstring closure, which helps to keep grubby little hands off your knitting supplies. No more ruined projects!