22 April

It’s almost that time of year again! The Great British Sewing Bee is set to return to our screens next Wednesday 27th April at 8pm on BBC One. Not only are we being treated to a brand new series but they will be hosting from a new location – a gorgeous, historic woollen mill on the edge of Leeds!

We’re SEW excited to see all the different creations and styles from this year’s passionate contestants. Patrick Grant and Esme Young are back again, alongside hostess Sarah Pascoe, on her first official series, to judge the next 12 sewers to step foot in the sewing room.

Do you plan on working alongside the contestants from the comfort of your own home? Maybe set yourself some sewing Bee inspired challenges – share your progress with us over on our Sewcial Facebook group! We’ll be sharing some ideas of sewing challenges you can set yourself, or a friend, while watching the Sewing Bee.

A great way to break through any sewing-block!

Hand Embroidery Kit

Bee Embroidery Print Sew Confident

Hand embroidery is a great pastime and is one of the easier crafts to do while watching the TV. You can take a break whenever you like without the worry of forgetting where your last stitch was.

Our Hand Embroidery Kits have a variety of prints to choose from, ranging from a Bee print to a Pineapple print! Once finished, you can display them in your home or gift to a friend.


Even if you haven’t tried knitting before, once you get used to the movement it’s a very easy process and what better way to step into knitting than watching Sewing Bee! For first-timers, you don’t even need to have a project in mind. Just knit away until you feel confident or content with your progress!

Before you know it, you’ll be knitting with your eyes fixed on the Sewing Bee!

If you’re interested in knitting but don’t feel confident enough, come along to one of our Knitting for Beginners classes where our amazing tutor Rob will teach you the skills needed to knit whatever your heart desires.

Punch Needle Kit

If you like working with and creating textures in your crafty projects, then a Punch Needle Kit might be just what you need to complete your crafty skill tree!

It is a lot faster than traditional embroidery and you can create different stitch lengths and heights to create a variety of textures within the one piece.


Don’t let the Sewing Bee contestants have all the fun!

Why not make your own clothes alongside them, or even call a friend over to join in on some competitive, creative dressmaking. Get a feel for what it would be like to sew under pressure – as if cutting patterns out weren’t hard enough!

Remember, we offer an A0 Printing service – it’s a real life saver for those who dread piecing a pattern together.

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